City of Stars is the second book in the Stravaganza series, this time following young Georgia. Georgia wishes that she could be spending all her time riding horses as she constantly tries to avoid her abusive step brother, but she gets her wish when she discovers an antique horse in a shop. Thrust into another world and another time of the 16th century Remora she has now gotten more than she bargained for. Full of treachery, danger and best of all, horse racing, Georgia is in disbelief of the world she has stumbled upon. What will be her role in all of this?


I love these books so much, for so many reasons. The author did a lot of research to start of with, comparing the fictional world of Remora with the real life Italy. While she created a whole new dimension and world she based them largely off Italy and definitely took the time to research it and make it realistic.

The characters are super amazing too, and while there is a single main character in each book the main character is not lost within the next book. Hoffman brings the characters over into the next book and makes them an important part of the story. They aren’t forgotten as soon as the book is over, and while they make certain choices that could affect the story line in books to come they still play pivotal roles in each story, even with the shifting of the main character.

These books are extremely diverse, which seems to be a hot topic in the book community lately. First off Hoffman is an English writer, and while her characters are English they still have a diverse range. In the first book we follow Lucien, but in the second book we get Georgia- a girl. Hoffman doesn’t just stick to one type of character, she has a diverse range. In the third book we follow a young dark skinned boy (more into that with the review of the third, though it is not specified exactly what the characters ethnicity is it gives a detailed description of his character.) and so on. Other characters are just as diverse coming from different areas and even different time periods. I love that, it makes the book more realistic especially as a book set in England. Maybe not the time traveling part, but the characters diversity definitely makes it more realistic.

The story line is so captivating, as this is the second book we know a basic outlying plot to these books now but that does not make them any less fantastic. We know that Georgia is able to travel to a different world and different time but we don’t know what she is supposed to do there, or why she was called to be a stravagant. She is thrust into a world she hardly understands, with dangers she has no knowledge of and she must learn about everything along with keeping a low profile.

This world is complex and beautiful and it gets better with every book. I loved the first book but I definitely enjoyed this one more than the first. I did rate it 4/5 on Goodreads because it took me so long to finish, I was not super motivated to read it. I had read it a few times a long time ago and I was reading it to complete the series. I love it, but I knew how everything was going to play out and it kind of put me in a slump. I still loved every minute of it while reading though.

I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of SciFi/Fantasy as well as people looking for a diverse series. In this book we are introduced to more widely diverse characters as well as a more diverse plot. It is an intriguing story and a wonderful series. That is all I am going to say, I want to keep this as spoiler free as possible. Happy reading!


P.s. the ONLY complaint I have with this series is that when they first started coming out they had BEAUTIFUL covers but after the third they switched to the new covers, which I loved but the other ones had a foil dish jacket that could be taken off to reveal a beautiful picture on the hard cover of the book. Still bitter about the change. I mean look how pretty they used to be, and it had a little see through portion of the under picture and everything.


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